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  1. China premier: 2010 'most complicated' for economy (AP)
  2. Iris scans may prevent mistaken release of inmates (AP)
  3. Kohl critical of NBC online Olympic coverage (AP)
  4. British politicians fall victim to Twitter scam (AP)
  5. Google warned by EU over Street View map photos (AP)
  6. Twitter wants users to update their personal info (AP)
  7. Online gaming sweeps China (AFP)
  8. US group launches text message aid drive for Chile quake (AFP)
  9. Podcast: 3G Wireless Speed Tests and PMA Camera Trends (PC World)
  10. People, Groups Flock to the *** After Chile Earthquake (PC World)
  11. A New Zelda for Wii in Second Half of 2010? (PC World)
  12. TigerText: The App for Spies and Cheaters (PC World)
  13. AthenaHealth skids after delaying 4Q report (AP)
  14. Wyndham Hotels ****** Again (PC World)
  15. Ingres moving forward with data**** booster (InfoWorld)
  16. Five Tips to Prevent iPad Eye Strain (PC World)
  17. Ubuntu Linux Now Available to Fed Customers on GSA Advantage (PC World)
  18. Microsoft, Amazon sign patent deal (Reuters)
  19. FSF to Google: Free the On2 Video Codec (PC World)
  20. Rhomobile upgrades smartphone dev platform (InfoWorld)
  21. Firefox 3.5.8 Closes Security Holes (PC World)
  22. ATT Becomes Last of Big Four Carriers To Offer Android (NewsFactor)
  23. CodePlex open source group moves beyond Microsoft (InfoWorld)
  24. OpenOffice 3.2 Fixes Several Vulnerabilities (PC World)
  25. LG GW990 Is First Announced 'Meego' Phone (PC Magazine)
  26. Intel, Nokia Combine Mobile OS Platforms Into MeeGo (NewsFactor)
  27. MeeGo Offers Platform Diversity Beyond Smartphones (PC World)
  28. Linux group LiMo growing, Adobe joins (Reuters)
  29. Symbian Announces New Symbian 3 Smartphone OS (PC Magazine)
  30. OpenOffice.org Releases Version 3.2 (PC Magazine)
  31. Apache Beehive project retired (InfoWorld)
  32. InfoWorld review: Windows on the Mac (InfoWorld)
  33. Microsoft to Drop Linux, Unix Versions of Enterprise Search (PC World)
  34. Moonlight 3.0 preview offered for rich Internet apps (InfoWorld)
  35. Malicious Firefox Add-ons Installed Trojans (PC World)
  36. Microsoft Uses Legal System to Combat Botnet (PC World)
  37. Microsoft uses law to cripple hacker spam network (AFP)
  38. Microsoft Uses Court Order To Cripple Waledac Botnet (NewsFactor)
  39. Microsoft Recruited Top Notch Guns for Waledac Takedown (PC World)
  40. Court Order Helps Microsoft Tear Down Waledac Botnet (PC World)
  41. Microsoft wins court approval to topple botnet: report (Reuters)
  42. IBM: Vulnerabilities Fell in 2009, but Other Risks Abound (PC World)
  43. Are Hollywood ******* Bogus or Bright? (PC World)
  44. Cyber-whistleblower stuns Latvia with tax heist (AP)
  45. Intel victim of cyberattack at same time as Google report (AFP)
  46. China says Google hacking claims groundless (Reuters)
  47. VeriSign Rolls out New *** Site Verification Service (PC World)
  48. U.S. pinpoints code writer behind Google attack: report (Reuters)
  49. Experts highlight growing cyber-jihad threat (AFP)
  50. Reports: Internet Attacks Traced to Chinese Schools (PC World)
  51. Adobe Working to Fix Security Bug in Download Manager (PC World)
  52. Global cyberattacks hit firms, govts: NetWitness (AFP)
  53. Corporations, agencies infiltrated by `botnet' (AP)
  54. Summary Box: Gov't, corporate PCs ****** (AP)
  55. Hello, stranger: the ups and downs of Chatroulette (AP)
  56. Topeka aims to become Google Internet test site (AP)
  57. Blue Screen Reboots After Microsoft Patch Could Mean Malware (PC World)
  58. British Cold War nuclear bunker up for sale on eBay (AFP)
  59. Apple: Underage Workers May Have Built Your iPhone (PC World)
  60. Cyber warriors gather as online battles rage (AFP)
  61. Giant tech fair goes 3D to pull in the punters (AFP)
  62. AP Enterprise: How nuclear equipment reached Iran (AP)
  63. Hello, stranger: the ups and downs of Chatroulette (AP)
  64. Cute baby video wins battle against music label (Reuters)
  65. 112 Best Free Downloads, Sites, and Services: The Full List (PC World)
  66. The 10 All-Time Greatest Free Downloads and Services (PC World)
  67. Internet 'third-most popular news platform in US' (AFP)
  68. HP Cautious About Touch in Business Laptops (PC World)
  69. Glitch Hits PlayStation Network Users Worldwide (PC World)
  70. Survey: 26 pct of Americans get news via phone (AP)
  71. Dish Network 4Q profit falls, gains subscribers (AP)
  72. Vivendi beats forecasts, cautious on 2010 (Reuters)
  73. EU privacy body wants changes to Google Street View (Reuters)
  74. Perfect World reports jump in 4th-qtr profit (AP)
  75. Infor's Flex Upgrade Program Termed an Early Success (PC World)
  76. Microsoft offers browser choices
  77. Government tackled on wi-fi plans
  78. Local council *** use 'stagnates'
  79. Online 'beats newspapers' in US
  80. EU to limit mobile internet bills
  81. Twitter permission for US troops
  82. Frauds ***site organiser jailed
  83. 'Broadband grants' for homes plea
  84. Botnet shutdown divides experts
  85. Scientists develop tiny ear to listen to hidden worlds
  86. Small world
  87. Italian principles
  88. Paper payments
  89. dot.Rory
  90. Italy conviction
  91. Bedroom pursuit
  92. Robin Hood hacker exposes bankers
  93. UK's *** heritage 'could be lost'
  94. Virgin promises faster broadband
  95. *** history of UK science begins
  96. Google bosses convicted in Italy
  97. Ocean robot 'plans experiments'
  98. Anger as Apple purges adult apps
  99. Open society and open systems
  100. The past is the future for tech
  101. The media and the message
  102. Keep cyberspace a public space
  103. Mobile phones get smarter
  104. Technology impacts on education
  105. Are all bits created equal?
  106. Will tablet PCs take off?
  107. Digital Revolution
  108. Internet Blog
  109. Dell to sell services for AMA's new e-records (AP)
  110. EU cell phone users to have limited online surfing (AP)
  111. Consumers 'Graze' News Online Ahead of Newspapers (NewsFactor)
  112. Jailbreaking in the iPhone 3.0 era (InfoWorld)
  113. Amtrak launches wireless access on Acela trains (AP)
  114. Sony fixing PS3 Network 'failure'
  115. Small world
  116. Digital Giants
  117. PlayStation 3 Network plagued by Y2K-like bug (AP)
  118. British Library creates archive of defunct *** (AP)
  119. AOL sells affiliate marketing business, Buy.at (AP)
  120. Sony tells PS3 owners not to play while it fixes bug (AFP)
  121. Global PlayStation 3 Glitch: What We Know So Far (PC World)
  122. iPad Shortage Could Be Good News for Apple's Rivals (NewsFactor)
  123. IBM finishes acquisition of software co Initiate (AP)
  124. Google's Chrome Browser Boosts Global Market Share (NewsFactor)
  125. Publishers Ready for iPad, Worry about Apple-Adobe Flash Support (PC World)
  126. Lockheed seeks to predict cybersecurity threats (Reuters)
  127. Apple details labor violations at its suppliers (AP)
  128. 4 charged with hacking into concert ticket sites (AP)
  129. Idol creator launches Dream interactive venture (Reuters)
  130. EC Approves Merger of Orange UK and T-Mobile UK (PC World)
  131. Analyst: Apple's iPad launch may be delayed (AP)
  132. Microsoft offers second beta of Windows Server AppFabric (InfoWorld)
  133. Google acquires photo-editing site (Reuters)
  134. HP Unveils Faster Convertible EliteBook 2740p for $1,599 (NewsFactor)
  135. Thumbplay appoints Apple exec as technology chief (AP)
  136. On the Call: Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen (AP)
  137. Leave Your PlayStation 3 Off or Else, Warns Sony (PC World)
  138. ATT says network will be ready for SXSW 2010 (Macworld.com)
  139. Burned By the Windows XP Downgrade? Don't Blame Microsoft (PC World)
  140. Analyst's View: You Deserve Better Support (PC Magazine)
  141. 4 charged with hacking into concert ticket sites (AP)
  142. ******** service aims to lower startup costs (AP)
  143. IBM cuts hundreds of jobs, sliver of 400K workers (AP)
  144. Google Buys Online Photo-editing App Picnik (PC World)
  145. Case Mod Turns the Wii Into a Portable 'Laptop' (PC World)
  146. Analyst Scares Up iPad Delay Warning (PC World)
  147. NexentaStor Adds Primary Deduplication (PC World)
  148. Sony fixes PlayStation clock bug
  149. NHS IT deal 'stitch up' claims
  150. Google to buy photo-editing site
  151. Follow your nose - new scan could be better than fingerprints
  152. Ex-Mozilla Security Chief Takes Job at Apple (PC World)
  153. Internet security faces new dawn
  154. dot.Rory
  155. Is it time to defend our rights?
  156. Cashing in
  157. Money sharing comes to Facebook
  158. Nokia starts new phone line with C5 model (Reuters)
  159. The sound of silence: an end to noisy communications (AFP)
  160. Innocomm Shows Android Smartphone With Analog TV (PC World)
  161. Telco software groups line up facing Google, Apple (Reuters)
  162. Microsoft Still Not Commenting on Windows Mobile 7 Upgrades (PC World)
  163. EU clears giant mobile phone merger in Britain (AFP)
  164. Report Shows Americans 'Graze' News (PC Magazine)
  165. Verizon Waiving Long-Distance Fees to Chile (PC Magazine)
  166. This Week In Geek: Mobile Hacks, Power Concepts, and Hands-On Computing (PC World
  167. Think Tank: Gov't Needs to Give up Some Spectrum (PC World)
  168. Novatel Wireless shares drop after weak forecast (AP)
  169. Behind the $300K Magical, Mechanical Mobile Phone (PC Magazine)
  170. EU: 100 million Microsoft users to choose browser (AP)
  171. Software AG finds 4GL and Eclipse to be a Natural fit (InfoWorld)
  172. Cisco Develops VPN Client for PCs, Smartphones (PC World)
  173. Opera Updates *** Browser to Version 10.5 (PC World)
  174. Intel Tries Cash to Lure Developers to Its App Store (PC World)
  175. Beware Windows XP's F1 Help Bug (PC Magazine)
  176. Rosetta Stone shares surge on solid quarter, strong outlook (Reuters)
  177. WA man accused of selling counterfeit software (AP)
  178. Skype Pulls Windows Mobile Apps; No Word of Return (PC World)
  179. Ahead of the Bell: Rosetta Stone shares jump (AP)
  180. They're Here: Cheap Android Smartphones (PC World)
  181. Rosetta Stone shares surge on 4Q report (AP)
  182. Apple suing phone maker HTC over iPhone patents (AP)
  183. German court overturns law on phone, e-mail data (AP)
  184. Egyptian blogger facing military court (AP)
  185. Even New Windows Mobile Phones Won't Get Phone 7 (NewsFactor)
  186. Nvidia Unveils Next-Generation Ion Platform (PC World)
  187. Game on for PS3 users after Sony fixes bug (AFP)
  188. Apple claims HTC infringed iPhone patents (Reuters)
  189. MobileMe exec leaves Apple for Thumbplay (Macworld.com)
  190. Apple sues HTC over phone patents
  191. Man 'directed' ***cam child abuse
  192. Google still considering how to proceed in China (AP)
  193. Aid groups enlist Google to help in Haiti effort (AP)
  194. Microsoft CEO: Google merits regulatory scrutiny (AP)
  195. Bill would have tech companies guard human rights (Reuters)
  196. Sony Fixes PlayStation Network Date Bug (PC Magazine)
  197. Apple sues HTC for iPhone patent infringement (AFP)
  198. Nokia Goes Social with New C Smartphone Series (NewsFactor)
  199. Apple-HTC Suit Cites Multitouch, Gesture Patent (PC Magazine)
  200. Authorities bust 3 in infection of 13M computers (AP)
  201. Sony restores PlayStation Network service (AP)
  202. Jerry Brown announces run for California governor (Reuters)
  203. Apple Drags HTC and Nexus One Into the Sue-'Em Party (NewsFactor)
  204. NPD: Online Gaming 'Not Affected By the Recession' (PC World)
  205. RedEye mini makes your iPhone a remote control (Macworld.com)
  206. Spamhaus DNS Blacklist IDs Spam Domains (PC Magazine)
  207. Virgin Mobile Finally Hanging Up on Helio Customers (PC Magazine)
  208. VMware to repurchase up to $400M of Class A stock (AP)
  209. Summary Box: 3 nabbed for huge computer infection (AP)
  210. Microsoft Warns of F1 Site Attack (PC World)
  211. Spain busts ******* for infecting 13 million PCs (Reuters)
  212. Microsoft's Charney Suggests 'Net Tax to Clean Computers (PC World)
  213. ATT CEO sees iPad mostly used on Wi-Fi (Reuters)
  214. Opera Says Version 10.50 Is the Fastest Windows Browser (NewsFactor)
  215. Software AG Opens BPM Social Networking Beta Test (PC World)
  216. Summary Box: Microsoft troubled by Google tactics (AP)
  217. Summary Box: Apple suing HTC over iPhone patents (AP)
  218. Opera 10.50 browser features boosted speed and improved HTML 5 support (InfoWorl
  219. ATT CEO sees iPad mostly used on Wi-Fi (Reuters)
  220. Elliott offers $2 billion buyout of Novell (AP)
  221. Private equity firm makes bid for Novell (AFP)
  222. Apple sues HTC over phones with Google software (Reuters)
  223. Yahoo CEO indicates turnaround could take years (AP)
  224. TiVo hopes for a lift from DVR blending 'Net, TV (AP)
  225. Jerry Brown announces run for California governor (Reuters)
  226. TiVo unveils set-top box for video from TV, *** (Reuters)
  227. Infinity Ward execs leave Activision (AP)
  228. ZombieSmash coming to iPhone (Macworld.com)
  229. Microsoft's Waledac Strategy Might Be a One-Shot Deal (PC Magazine)
  230. Sy**** Brings SAP Apps to Mobile Phones (PC World)
  231. Palm's ***OS 1.4 Update Emphasizes Video (PC Magazine)
  232. Toyota's Woes Raise Questions About Auto Electronics (PC World)
  233. Summary Box: Yahoo CEO says turnarounds take time (AP)
  234. Viacom to drop Jon Stewart, Colbert Report from Hulu (Reuters)
  235. Taiwan's HTC denies infringing iPhone patents (AFP)
  236. Online diaries expose China official to graft probe (AFP)
  237. 'Limited' browser menu criticised
  238. dot.Maggie
  239. Apple IPhone With Wi-Fi May Soon Enter China (PC World)
  240. Money matters
  241. Skype gets into Nokia smartphones (Reuters)
  242. dot.Rory
  243. Spain smashes pirate computer network (AFP)
  244. Kansas city changes name -- temporarily -- to Google (AFP)
  245. Gadgets wow crowds at world's top high-tech fair (AFP)
  246. HTC Says It Uses Own Technology, Not Apple's (PC World)
  247. Spain busts global botnet masterminds (Reuters)
  248. Apple action 'threatens Google'
  249. Maine panel weighs cell phone cancer warning (AP)
  250. Review: 'Battlefield: Bad Company 2' is a blast (AP)