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  1. North Korea claims South fires toward its border (AP)
  2. Baghdad blasts 'kill 30' (AFP)
  3. Massive blasts rock central Baghdad (AFP)
  4. Report: 2nd Moscow suicide bomber was teacher (AP)
  5. Teacher identified by father as 2nd Moscow bomber (Reuters)
  6. Woods arrives at Augusta National (AP)
  7. Officials fear ship breaking apart on Barrier Reef (AP)
  8. Equal time: Women hold topless march in Maine (AP)
  9. World's tallest tower in Dubai reopens (AP)
  10. Several stars out for opening day (AP)
  11. Karzai rallies tribes, distances self from West (Reuters)
  12. South Africa urges calm after Terre'blanche murder (Reuters)
  13. Suicide car bombers kill 41 in central Baghdad (Reuters)
  14. Pope skirts paedophile scandal as Christians mark Easter (AFP)
  15. Triple blasts target Baghdad embassies, killing 30 (AFP)
  16. Nine rescued alive from flooded China mine: state TV (AFP)
  17. NATO admits Afghan civilian deaths in night raid (Reuters)
  18. Defense Minister prepares Germans for Afghan 'war' (AP)
  19. Nine rescued alive from flooded China coal mine: state TV (AFP)
  20. UN's Ban calls Aral Sea 'shocking disaster' (AP)
  21. S.Korea tanker with 24 crew hijacked off Somalia (AFP)
  22. SKorea: Tanker believed hijacked by Somali pirates (AP)
  23. Van Gogh painting reproduced in breakfast cereal (AP)
  24. Easter service at DC church draws Obama family (AP)
  25. 'Titans' battles to No. 1 spot with $61.4 million (AP)
  26. U.S. delays China yuan ruling ahead of Hu visit (Reuters)
  27. Mexican cartels cannot be defeated, drug lord says (Reuters)
  28. Elderly Swiss-born man kidnapped in Philippines: police (AFP)
  29. South Korean oil supertanker seized by Somali pirates (Reuters)
  30. Magnitude 6.9 quake strikes Baja California (AP)
  31. Baja California quake magnitude raised to 7.2 (AP)
  32. Suicide bombings target Baghdad embassies, killing more than 30 (The Christian S
  33. Deadly raid on Sunni village renews fear of sectarian violence in Iraq (The Chri
  34. Elderly Swiss-born man kidnapped in Philippines: police (AFP)
  35. Easter service at DC church draws Obama family (AP)
  36. 9 rescued after 179 hours in flooded Chinese mine (AP)
  37. Salvaging ship from Barrier Reef could take weeks (AP)
  38. Eagles send McNabb to Redskins (AP)
  39. Nine alive after week in flooded China mine (Reuters)
  40. Protesters defiant in siege of key Bangkok district (Reuters)
  41. Stranded coal carrier threatens Great Barrier Reef (AFP)
  42. Iraq on ***** after deadly embassy blasts (AFP)
  43. Nine rescued alive from flooded China mine (AFP)
  44. Nearly half of Japan's voters don't support any party (Reuters)
  45. Trial to open over killing of British teen in Goa (AFP)
  46. Millions in Calif., Ariz., Mexico feel 7.2 quake (AP)
  47. Space shuttle Discovery fuels for pre-dawn launch (AP)
  48. Australia battles to stabilize Barrier Reef ship (Reuters)
  49. More than 70 workers found alive in China mine: state tv (AFP)
  50. South Korea sends destroyer after pirates seize tanker (Reuters)
  51. Japan plans to aid to rare ****l-rich countries: report (AFP)
  52. S.Korea seeks US help to probe warship sinking (AFP)
  53. Defiant protesters to fan out in unnerved Bangkok (AP)
  54. *** chats point to al-Qaida's Indonesian links (AP)
  55. North Korea threatens to abandon U.S. MIA remains (Reuters)
  56. Thailand steps up legal fight against protests (AFP)
  57. Study: Breast-feeding would save lives, money (AP)
  58. SKorean navy pursuing hijacked tanker off Somalia (AP)
  59. War still raging for South Korean POWs in North (Reuters)
  60. Pakistan's Army accused of extra-judicial killings (Reuters)
  61. Mekong nations join forces on shrinking river (AFP)
  62. N.Korea threatens to stop preserving remains of US soldiers (AFP)
  63. Taliban holding Japan journalist in Afghanistan (AFP)
  64. S.Korean warship diverted after pirates hijack tanker (AFP)
  65. Suicide bomb kills policeman in Russia's Ingushetia (Reuters)
  66. Suicide bomber kills two policemen in Russia (Reuters)
  67. Ban says Uzbekistan must observe human rights (AP)
  68. NATO admits killing Afghan women in bungled raid (AFP)
  69. Taliban torch NATO tankers in Pakistan: officials (AFP)
  70. Soderbergh shoots 'secret' film in Sydney (AFP)
  71. Malaysia sets up academy for Hindu priests (AFP)
  72. Major 7.2 quake near Mexico-U.S. border kills one (Reuters)
  73. U.S. delays China yuan ruling ahead of Hu visit (Reuters)
  74. Militant 'killed' in Kashmir assassination bid (AFP)
  75. Election set to strengthen Sri Lanka president (AFP)
  76. Report: 2 N. Koreans executed over currency reform (AP)
  77. Afghan woman lawmaker badly wounded in shooting (AP)
  78. Family support for elderly under strain in Asia (AFP)
  79. Australian police shut down graphic Easter reenactment (AFP)
  80. Police: Blast in NW Pakistan rally kills 19 (AP)
  81. Suicide bomber kills 2 police in Russia's Ingushetia (Reuters)
  82. Attack kills 16 at Pakistan political gathering (AFP)
  83. Shoaib's passport seized in India over marriage muddle (AFP)
  84. At least 15 dead in blast in NW Pakistan: doctor (Reuters)
  85. Gunmen kill top gas company official in Pakistan (AFP)
  86. Suicide bomber kills 2 police in Russia's Caucasus (AP)
  87. 'Two killed' in Ingueshetia suicide bombing (AFP)
  88. Suicide bomber kills two in Russian Caucasus (AFP)
  89. Report: 2nd Moscow suicide bomber was teacher (AP)
  90. 'Titans' battles to No. 1 spot with $61.4 million (AP)
  91. Tiger Speaks: A compelling start to Masters week (AP)
  92. Suicide bomber kills 38 at Pakistan political gathering (AFP)
  93. S.Korea's Wonder Girls announce new album, US tour (AFP)
  94. Attack at Pakistan political gathering kills 25 (AFP)
  95. Madonna visits Malawi for a charity tour (AP)
  96. N.Korea 'executes two over bungled currency reform' (AFP)
  97. NKorea threatens to stop returning US war remains (AP)
  98. Jackson family to face doctor charged in death (AP)
  99. Afghan air force flies again on Soviet warhorses (Reuters)
  100. More than 10,000 protest in Mongolia (AP)
  101. Ex-Japan PM Aso to meet Taiwan president: report (AFP)
  102. Sri Lanka boosts UN peacekeeping contingent (AFP)
  103. Retrial postponed for Iraqi in Briton's death (AP)
  104. Priest accused of US abuse still working in India (AP)
  105. Taiwan town preserves Barbie legacy (AFP)
  106. Bob Dylan cancels Asia tour after China says 'no' (AFP)
  107. Boston tops New York behind Youkilis' hitting (AP)
  108. China economist sees "room for talk" on currency row (Reuters)
  109. China journalist club shuts ***site after attack (Reuters)
  110. Russia still hopes diplomacy to solve Iran standoff (AFP)
  111. Mom: Son helped kill SAfrican white supremacist (AP)
  112. Two Pakistani guards dead in US consulate attack (AFP)
  113. Sri Lanka 'economy poised for faster growth' (AFP)
  114. Apple sells over 300,000 iPads on day of debut (AP)
  115. US comedian's attack on Pacquiao angers Philippines (AFP)
  116. US service sector gauge grows faster in March (AP)
  117. Duke and Butler not as different as you think (AP)
  118. US condemns Peshawar attack, voices 'concern' (AFP)
  119. US condemns bombings at consulate in NW Pakistan (AP)
  120. Gibbs: Washington remains concerned about Karzai (AP)
  121. Russia eyes $5 billion in arms sales to Venezuela: Putin (Reuters)
  122. Putin: Russian arms to Venezuela may be $5B (AP)
  123. Gunmen attack U.S. consulate in Pakistan (Reuters)
  124. White House condemns Peshawar attack (Reuters)
  125. Karzai charges against foreigners 'not true': US (AFP)
  126. Obama wants China currency market-****d: White House (Reuters)
  127. Karzai stands by vote fraud claims against West (Reuters)
  128. Zardari urges Pakistan MPs to approve key reforms (AFP)
  129. Woods set to face media at Augusta National (Reuters)
  130. Whitman leads California governor's race: poll (Reuters)
  131. Pakistan fashion week begins as bombers hit northwest (AFP)
  132. Vietnam rejects Google hacking accusation (AFP)
  133. White House troubled by Karzai remarks (Reuters)
  134. Pakistan to launch war games on eastern border (AFP)
  135. Obama to unveil nuclear arms strategy on Tuesday (Reuters)
  136. State agency Turkish police detain 8 in coup plot (AP)
  137. Dalai Lama visits Slovenia (AFP)
  138. Italian firms to build Iraq's biggest port: minister (AFP)
  139. Russia, Ukraine in 'private' summit: officials (AFP)
  140. 1 hour daily exercise fights 'fatso' gene in teens (AP)
  141. Sheriff Arpaio makes inmates pedal to watch TV (AP)
  142. Red Sox ace Beckett signs through 2014 (AP)
  143. Geithner seeking stronger US-India economic ties (AP)
  144. Toyota hit with $16M fine over recalls in US (AP)
  145. Wright, Santana help Mets beat Marlins 7-1 (AP)
  146. Bosnian colleges draw Turks avoiding headscarf ban (Reuters)
  147. AP source confirms video of Baghdad firefight (AP)
  148. Video posted of Apache strike which killed Reuters employees (AFP)
  149. Ohio Christian convert fights to stay in US (AP)
  150. Brown to call UK election for May 6 on Tuesday (Reuters)
  151. Leaked U.S. video shows Iraq deaths, including Reuters staff (Reuters)
  152. Hawaii man's China military secrets trial to begin (AP)
  153. 6 dead, 21 missing in W. Va. coal mine blast (AP)
  154. In social dealings, being older is being wiser (AP)
  155. Six reported dead in West Virginia coal mine collapse (Reuters)
  156. Iraq's Health System Needs Years of Work (OneWorld.net)
  157. US plans broader nuclear arms talks with Russians (AP)
  158. Heyward's 3-run homer helps Braves beat Cubs 16-5 (AP)
  159. AP source confirms video of Baghdad firefight (AP)
  160. Toyota faces $16M fine, accused of hiding defect (AP)
  161. 6 dead, 21 missing in W. Va. coal mine blast (AP)
  162. Lawmakers: Afghan leader threatens to join Taliban (AP)
  163. Priest accused of US abuse still working in India (AP)
  164. Now 16, Elian Gonzalez shown at Cuba youth meeting (AP)
  165. Leaked U.S. video shows deaths of Reuters' Iraqi staffers (Reuters)
  166. Lions Gate brings new investor to Tiger Gate (AP)
  167. Mexico-California border towns shaken after quake (Reuters)
  168. Toyota to recall 13,000 vehicles in S.Korea (AFP)
  169. Hawaii man's China military secrets trial to begin (AP)
  170. US to adopt narrower policy on using nuclear arms (AP)
  171. Ohio Christian convert fights to stay in US (AP)
  172. In social dealings, being older is being wiser (AP)
  173. Sheriff Arpaio makes inmates pedal to watch TV (AP)
  174. Final 2: Bulldogs, Blue Devils under way (AP)
  175. Nissan, Renault, Daimler to announce tie-up: reports (AFP)
  176. West Virginia mine explosion kills 7, 19 missing (Reuters)
  177. Search goes on for China miners after rare rescue (Reuters)
  178. New Obama strategy would narrow nuclear arms use (Reuters)
  179. Hunt for 38 trapped Chinese miners after 'miracle' rescue (AFP)
  180. SKorean warship catches up with hijacked tanker (AP)
  181. China executes Japanese drug smuggler: state media (AFP)
  182. South Korea destroyer reaches tanker seized by pirates (Reuters)
  183. Priest worked in school after sex abuse allegations (AFP)
  184. Obama to limit use of US nuclear weapons (AFP)
  185. S.Korean warship catches up with hijacked supertanker (AFP)
  186. Myanmar to escape censure at ASEAN summit: observers (AFP)
  187. Duke wins NCAA title in 61-59 thriller over Butler (AP)
  188. Republican staff shake-up amid nightclub furor (Reuters)
  189. Thai protesters clash with riot police (AP)
  190. Geithner visit to help India out of US-China trade shadow (AFP)
  191. Aussie NBA star Bogut undergoes hand surgery (AFP)
  192. Five bodies found in flooded China mine: state TV (AFP)
  193. Sherpa to scatter Hillary's ashes on Everest (AFP)
  194. China rescuers race to save miners still trapped (AP)
  195. Illness forces Whitney Houston to postpone concert (AP)
  196. Hitachi president says green focus key to recovery (AP)
  197. Toyota Prius tops Japan's March auto sales (AP)
  198. Samsung forecasts 1st quarter profit surge (AP)
  199. US fight Taliban with heavy ****l and rock music (AFP)
  200. Diplomacy should settle Iran nuclear question: Erdogan (AFP)
  201. Thai riot police square off with protesters in Bangkok (AFP)
  202. Malaysia passes law to curb nuclear trafficking (AP)
  203. China executes Japanese for drug smuggling (AP)
  204. Antenna failure hampers crew's shuttle inspection (AP)
  205. At least 12 dead, 10 missing in US mine blast (AFP)
  206. Sri Lanka's ex-army chief returns to court martial (AFP)
  207. Friends appeal for kidnap victim in Philippines (AFP)
  208. Timor police declare war on mysterious 'ninjas' (AFP)
  209. Malaysia bans WMD shipments to rogue states: reports (AFP)
  210. Geithner: India innovations add bank customers (Reuters)
  211. Vietnam denies Google's hacking accusation (AP)
  212. UN closes Peshawar offices over security fears (AFP)
  213. 20 Indian troopers killed by Maoists: police (AFP)
  214. Sri Lanka war-zone doctor stands for parliament (AFP)
  215. Five killed, 25 injured in Baghdad blasts (AFP)
  216. Maoists kill 50-60 police in central India attack (Reuters)
  217. Sherpa to scale Everest to scatter Hillary's ashes (AP)
  218. Maoist rebels kill 20 troops in eastern India (AP)
  219. S.Korean aid group to send food to North (AFP)
  220. California 13-year-old to attempt to climb Everest (AP)
  221. RNC official steps down, but Steele stands firm (AP)
  222. Tiger says he's coming back to win at Augusta (AP)
  223. US, India must push for balanced growth: Geithner (Reuters)
  224. Report: NKorean leader could delay trip to China (AP)
  225. Indian Maoists kill 55 police in massacre (AFP)
  226. Explosions hit Baghdad apartments, 11 dead (AP)
  227. Total charged with graft in Iraqi oil-for-food programme (AFP)
  228. Series of blasts destroys Baghdad buildings (Reuters)
  229. (AP)
  230. Five explosions in Baghdad: interior ministry (AFP)
  231. Large explosion in Baghdad: report (AFP)
  232. Khodorkovsky to speak in own defense (AP)
  233. Novolipetsk Steel makes Q4 net profit (AP)
  234. Iran urges Russia to resist missile sale pressure (Reuters)
  235. Australian PM calls ship accident 'outrageous' (AFP)
  236. Bangladesh 'stable' economy earns first credit rating (AFP)
  237. Australia blocks shipment to Pakistan over weapons fears (AFP)
  238. British PM Brown to call election for May 6 (Reuters)
  239. Kyrgyz protesters try to seize government office (AP)
  240. Police kill 2 suspecetd suicide bombers in NW (AP)
  241. US, SKorea to jointly probe ship sinking (AP)
  242. NATO air strike kills four Afghan civilians (AFP)
  243. Afghan poll body backs Karzai on electoral row (Reuters)
  244. Pentagon Video of Baghdad Journalist Attack Wikileaked (Time.com)
  245. Total under investigation over Iraq oil-for-food (Reuters)
  246. Russia says teacher was 2nd subway suicide bomber (AP)
  247. Russia names second metro suicide bomber (AFP)
  248. 'Idol' castoff has critiques for show's judges (AP)
  249. China executes Japanese national for drug smuggling (Reuters)
  250. Pope names Mexican-born Gomez to take over in LA (AP)